OT law-keeping

Juli Kuhl (julik@haven.ios.com)
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 05:47:58 -0400 (EDT)

It has been suggested to me that OT laws and concepts restated in the NT ar=
valid for today, and those which are not *can* (not must) be set aside.

Example is strict Sabbath-keeping, the only one of the 10 commandments
not repeated (retaught) in the NT.

I tend to avoid simple answers for complex questions. But in this case
maybe a simpler answer is better? In our passion for growth in genuine
faith (presumed), if we're not careful we can over-regulate,=20
over-interpret & over-load ourselves and lose sight of the much higher=20
"law of love" when dealing with our own burdens as well as the burning=20
questions of others.

Listening for the trumpet,

Juli Kuhl

On Fri, 23 Aug 1996 PMJAQUA@am.pnu.com wrote:

> Burgy writes:
> >How fortunate, then, for the barber profession that he did not also read=
> >Lev 19:27.
> >How fortunate for the children of that city that he did not also read Le=
> >20:9. Etc.
> These examples bring up a question in my mind. Most of us would=
> agree that many of the laws in Lev. 19 are pass=E9, whereas most of the l=
> in Lev. 20 would still be considered valid for today. What criteria may =
> use to establish whether or not a given OT law should be retained or thro=
> out?
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