Reply to Dick Fischer

John W. Burgeson (
24 Aug 96 11:51:08 EDT

Dick writes, in part: "My church considers the Bible to be God's Word. The
Bible we use calls homosexual acts an "abomination." What book does your church
use as its authority?"

Our church uses the same Scriptures as yours, Dick.

The word you chose in the above has also the meaning "taboo." It is connected to
the Jewish purity laws, and the arguments around it are well explored in the two
books I reviewed. It is the case where Christian scholars do not all agree on
the arguments. However, most scholars do agree that the arguments (on both
sides) are such as to be taken seriously.

BTW -- many things were taboo in the time Leviticus addresses. Try this one.
Your wife has just given birth to your first child. Do not rush into the room
and embrace her & the babe, she is taboo!

Dick also writes: "The guiding principle behind your argument appears to be that
sin is okay if it is behind closed doors. As long as you don't drag it out into
the open, what is a little prostitution, or sodomy, or adultery
among friends? How would your church view a "committed, long-term relationship
between a man and his sister, or his mule, or his seven year-old daughter?

I think you and your church need to do some rethinking."

That is simply an untrue (and unkind, IMO) characterization of my argument. Sin
in NOT OK, regardless of where it happens. As for the last sentence, I assume
(though you do not say it) a sexual relationship is implied. If such, it would
be treated as any other sin. If not, where is the problem?