Reply to Dean

John W. Burgeson (
22 Aug 96 11:39:05 EDT

Dean Ohlman writes, in part: " We can respond lovingly
and firmly that their argument is not with us, but with God's Word."

Not quite, Dean. "with some people's interpretation of God's Word."

Dean continues: "In fact, in a city commission meeting in San Francisco, a
pastor stood
up and with no commentary merely read pertinent passages from the
Scriptures. When he was done, a commissioner asked, "Is that from
the Bible?" When the pastor replied in the affirmative, the man said,
"Well that settles it for me!" and he voted against a pro-gay ordinance."

How fortunate, then, for the barber profession that he did not also read Lev
How fortunate for the children of that city that he did not also read Lev 20:9.