Another to Dean Ohlman

John W. Burgeson (
22 Aug 96 11:39:03 EDT

Dean also writes: "About the idea of a "loving, committed, lifetime,
monogamous" homosexual relationship. This is almost so rare as to be considered
virtually non-existent (as per the estimony of nearly every honest practicing

If you have a citation for this, I'd like to see it. I think it is untrue. To
the extent I know gay people, it is untrue, but I know relatively few of them.
OTOH, "fewness" is not an argument for shunning.

Dean also writes: "Any relationship based on sexual intercourse and not first
of all on "agape" can never come close to reflecting the unified plurality of
the "imago Dei" that true marriage does. "

And with this, Dean and I can agree.