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Janet Rice (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 17:16:42 -0700

Dennis, thank you for the welcome. You wrote:
>I was unaware that Bob Dole ever had an affair. (But then again, who can
>keep track of all these politicians). Is this true & well documented?
> [Inquiring minds want to know........? /:-) ]
Oh dear, no that was never what I meant to suggest. However, Bob Dole, Newt
Gingrich, and Phil Gramm have all divoriced and remarried. And there has
been no hint with any of them that their first wives were committing
adultery. Since scripture in the New Testament gives adultery as the only
valid reason for a man to divorice his wife, then theoretically they have
committed adultery by marrying again, At least I think that is would be the
case if we are to take the scripture literally as written. The Catholic
Church seems to hold this position, main stream Protestant churches
generally do not, I'm not sure about evangenical Protestant churches. But
my point was that there seems to be certain selectivity among evangelical
Christians as to what is considered clear and unambigous. Homosexuality is
bad for all times because the Bible says it is, but divorice is ok because
Jesus was just talking within the context of his time and society? When I
hear someone like Ralph Reed praise Bob Dole as a man of character, I can't
help but wonder how Mr Reed has gotten around Jesus's words on divorice.
Then again, perhaps I've misunderstood what I've read.

Janet Rice