Reply to Dick

John W. Burgeson (
19 Aug 96 12:23:15 EDT

Dick Fischer wrote (quoting Kenneth):""What two persons do in the privacy of
their own home, providing that
>such acts are done with mutuality and are not injurious to the persons
>involved, should not really concern anyone else.""

He then said:"Such a secular test could as easily pertain to prostitution,
bestiality, pornography, etc. Is this any kind of Christian yardstick?"

Of course it is not a "Christian yardstick." I suspect Kenneth was thinking of
the issue of whether we dispatch "jack-booted men in blue uniforms with large
guns" (to playfully use a persuasive definition of state intervention) to
prevent certain actions.

No one (I assume) will challenge the need for state intervention (a proscribing
law) against some actions, of course. The issue is raised, however, when we, as
Christians, ask the state to enforce our own views of morality. Shall adultery,
as well as gay acts, be against the law? Shall gossip?

If you or your church considers gay acts performed within the bounds of a
committed adult long-term relationship to be a sin (mine does not), then that's
one thing; if you or your church then lobbies for a law against that, that's
going too far (IMO).

If you or your church breaks off fellowship with Christians not convinced of
your stance, that's a mistake. Again, IMO.