Re: Reply to Paul Arveson

Janet Rice (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 14:51:21 -0700

> The scriptural proscription of homosexuality could not be clearer
>yet the issue has been raised.
> The scriptural proscription of murder could not be clearer yet the
>issue has been raised. (Consider partial birth abortions or Jack
>Kevorkian's crusade.)
> The scriptural proscription of female pastors/elders could not be
>clearer yet the issue has been raised.
> The scriptural proscription of promiscuity could not be clearer yet
>the issue has been raised.
> Dig around and you'll find every proscribed act in Scripture has
>been, and still is, challenged by some group calling themselves Christians.

If a lurker may make a comment:

The scriptural proscription against divorice and remarriage could not be
clearer, yet Bob Dole is warmly embraced as a presidential candidate by
members of the Republican Party who are evangelical Christians. If we are
to take the scriptural passages dealing with the above points as clear and
literal, then I do not understand why there has been no condemnation of Mr.
Dole as an adulterer from the evangelical community. (or Speaker Gingrich,
or Senator Gramm for that matter). There seems to be a certain selectivity
in what we consider clear and unambiguous. On the other hand, I'm asking
for consistency, and goodness knows I'm not consistent in my own views
either. 8-).

Janet Rice