Re: The Gospel and homosexuality
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 16:10:21 -0400

Dean Ohlman wrote:

>>A rebel will is marked by a refusal to acknowledge sin. The rejection
sensed by the self-justifying homosexual community in the evangelical
church is not, as they mistakenly believe, a rejection of them. It is the
rejection of their self-justification.

Churches that open their doors to homosexuals by declaring their sinful
behavior not sinful are practicing anti-evangelism. They nullify the
Gospel. In essence, churches like the Metropolitan Community Church for
practicing gays and lesbians become a comfort station on the road to hell.
What an awful thing to do to those who need salvation that comes only
through confession and repentance.

When we try to salve the hurts of the homosexual community by "acceptance"
of sinful behavior, we deny them the cure. That is not love. It is

Hooray Dean! You have precisely pegged the problem - rebellion. I
only pray that rebels will see the true sinfulness of their rebellion and
turn (repent) from it.

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