Comment to Kenneth Piers

John W. Burgeson (
14 Aug 96 20:10:10 EDT

Kenneth writes, in part: "So perhaps often the best we can do - the redemptive
thing to do - in the homosexual
situation is to counsel, encourage, and support committed monogamous
Whether we call these marriages or invent some other word to describe them is a
secondary matter. "

I appreciate the message, Kenneth. The three key words in the above are
"counsel, encourage and support." I think the first of these includes (if
appropriate) the counsel that SOME gay orientations are, apparently, capable of
being changed. Yet I think now of one instance, where the relationship had
existed over many many years; in this case, I'm not sure such counsel is best!
Certainly it seems appropriate in those cases where no such relationship has
come into being!

"Encourage and support" is much more clear. "Encourage" in the sense of "you two
are a family, and my behavior toward you is what a family would expect.
"Support," the same thing. Yet, I confess, this is not an easy thing to do in
some cases!

Because "marriage" is an emotional word, I would favor another word (domestic
partners) for such relationships. But that's just me talking.

Peace. Thanks again.