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Wed, 14 Aug 1996 15:44:49 -0400

Bravo Dennis!!

I too have always thought a harem could be quite useful, not to
mention fun. Darn that government for getting in the way of my pursuit of
happiness again.

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Subject: RE: 'monogamous' rels.
Author: "Sweitzer; Dennis" <> at INTERNET
Date: 8/14/96 2:52 PM

Speaking of relationships.

There's a lovely girl at church who my kids adore & we get along with well.
What if my wife agrees to have another wife around the house? With 4 kids,
it'd be a big help, and a 2nd income would be handy. Does anyone on the
list server have a scriptural problem with that?

There is an irony in the recent discussion of Monogamy,and homosexual

We find clear prohibition of homosexuality the old testament and apparent
condemnation of homosexual acts in the New Testament, and yet some of us
argue that the important thing for a sexual relationship is that it occur in

We find no prohibition of polygamy in the Old Testament, and limited
prohibition of it in the New Testament, yet there seems to be the assumption
that monogamy is the explicit norm.

I have to point out that many OT folks were polygamists, and there it seems
to be accepted as normal throughout the OT. In the NT, pastors were to be
the husbands of one wife, but that's about all that's said. Scripturally, I
can't make a case against polygamy, other than by example. (Of course, it's
also illegal, but that's Federal/State law). Maybe someone else can.

Dennis Sweitzer
(living in a household of 5 females. )
(But happily married to 1 & only 1 woman.)
(4 daughters!)