Re: 'monogamous' rels.
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 11:43:46 -0400

Kenneth Piers wrote:

>monogamous homosexual relationships can not be compared with thievery,
>adultery, or pedophilia. These latter all clearly are behaviors which are
>destructive or injurious to one or all persons involved in them. But it
>is hard to see how a mutually committed monogamous relationship between
>two homosexual persons is injurious to either of them or to any one else.

It should not be hard to see how such a relationship is destructive
or injurious to the persons involved. The anal mucosa and sphincter
muscles are not designed to withstand the stresses caused by having a large
object inserted into them. Nor do they withstand the friction of
intercourse well. Continued abuse of these tissues in such manners results
in loss of proper function. Notable functional disruptions include: loss
of proper fluid management of the area; rupture of vasculature;
incontinence; loss of barrier function of the membrane allowing easier
infection; introduction of inappropriate flora into the area; scarring of
the mucosa; abnormal recruitment of cells to the area (immune cells,
inflammatory cells, etc.). There are other biological sequelae.
As to such relationships harming other people, it might be argued
that acceptance of such a lifestyle as normal would encourage others to try
it and suffer the aforementioned problems.

>So perhaps often the best we can do - the redemptive thing to do - in the
>homosexual situation is to counsel, encourage, and support committed
>monogamous relationships.

I believe that Biblical redemption calls for repentance from acts
that lead to death (i.e.- sin). So encouraging homosexual relationships
could hardly be redemptive.

>Whether we call these marriages or invent some other word to describe them
>is a secondary matter.

Sorry but the matter cannot be relegated to secondary status. The
authority of scripture is unquestionably of primary importance.

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