ORIGINS: "God and the Big Bang" leaflet

Donald E Degraaf (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 10:55:08 -0400 (EDT)

This very attractive leaflet, "God and the Big Bang - and other arguments
about science and faith", is now available from the ASA office in the
USA. Its six pages are printed in full color on glossy paper with an
appealing format and several hand-drawn illustrations. The author is
Michael Poole, Visiting Research Fellow in King's College, U. of London.
It was published in the UK by Christian Publicity Organisation.

The writing style is lively enough to grab the attention of everyone
having at least a casual interest in origins, and it is clear even when
Poole shows the importance of subtle distinctions. Poole weaves together
a wide range of key topics in a smoothly flowing scenario that invites
the reader to engage his arguments. This excellent example of
"popular"-level writing on science-faith issues is accessible to readers
from secondary school onward.

Some of the main topics are:
The place of humans in the vast universe
Are science and Christianity allies or enemies?
Unprovable assumptions on which science is based
Levels of explanation, and the limits of scientific explanations
Miracles in relation to scientific laws
Creation and evolution
Science in relation to the Bible
Christ as the incarnation of God who invites us to personal trust in him
Several references for further reading are given.

Poole accepts an old earth, and is open to the possibility that God may
have used processes of evolution in his work of creation. He states that
among Christians who agree that the world is God's creation, some hold to
a young earth and separate acts of creation while others "with equal
respect for the authority of the Biblical record" accept an ancient
universe and evolution of stars, chemicals and living things. He
challenges unjustified claims for science, reductionism,
"God-of-the-gaps" theology, and the worldview of evolutionism.

access the text, but not the illustrations and format which contribute so
much to its appeal.

Who can benefit? This an excellent piece to give to anyone having some
interest in any of these topics. It is for high school and college
students, adult Sunday School classes, questioning believers and
unbelievers, working scientists and other professionals who are open to
an introductory survey of these issues.

You can order some to give away from the ASA office, while they last.
Single copy - $2
Ten copies - $12
25 copies - $25
Send your prepaid order with a check in US funds to:
P.O. Box 668
Ipswich, MA 01938-0668