Re: My Goodness! (2)

John W. Burgeson (
09 Aug 96 20:31:41 EDT

Dr. Pun wrote: " two individuals that I met,
John Paulk, a former gay, and his wife, Anna Paulk, a former lesbian. "

More material on these two people appears in the CHRISTIAN AMERICAN for August
1996, as part of an article arguing that "gays can be changed."

Anecdotal evidence is sometimes all we have -- and that certainly appears to be
the case for this issue. It may be (I speculate) that there are two classes of
gays, those that "could change" and those who really really could not change. It
appears clear that we are many many years away from being able to sort these
things out.

In the meantime, we must live our lives as best we know how.

To the extent that I am affected by the issue, I have to take the position that
"gayness" is simply a somewhat weird condition, much as some folks enjoy raw
oysters! That position dictates that I must apply love, both to oyster eaters &

Would I help a gay become straight if I could? Of course. When I ask gay persons
if they'd rather be straight, the answer is generally "yes." (Oyster-eaters are
a tougher problem).

I am told the Catholic Church (the Vatican) has pronounced the condition (even
though there be no acts) to be a sin; I have not been able to verify this

I know many many committed Christians who think it (the acts) is not a sin; that
the Scriptures are silent about it. I know many more on the other side.