Keyword search of PSCF database

Terry M. Gray (
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 15:11:22 -0400

I have completed a keywords index page to the PSCF on-line database similar
to the one prepared earlier with disciplines index. (Thanks to my 13
year-old daughter, Ariel, for help in word processing.) When you click on
the keyword in the alphabetized list, a search engine will search the
on-line database for occurences of that word or phrase. The search will
return the bibliographic data for each article fitting the query. As we
get more articles on-line we hope to have the search engine return
hyper-links to the article itself.

The keywords page can be obtained from the PSCF home page. The relevant
URLs are

PSCF home page:
Keyword index:
Disciplines index:

Paul Arveson and other communication commission members: I have checked a
few of my links and everything looks right to me. If you (or someone else)
could try them all out and see if they work right, I'd appreciate it.


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