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Roger C. Wiens (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 11:53:04 -0700 (PDT)

I agree wholeheartedly with all of the points in the post from Dennis
Schweitzer a few days back. I have tried to make a small contribution to
the evangelical old-earth literature. Following a short discussion with
Jeff Greenberg at the ASA meeting a couple years ago, I wrote up a pamphlet
to describe radiometric dating to the lay Christian. The pamphlet tells how
there are actually very many different radiometric dating techniques using
different elements, and goes into some detail, although I tried to keep it
readable on a high school level. I had a dozen plus people review it on my
side, and then I turned it over to the ASA, where I understand a number of
other, non-scientific people have reviewed it as well. The pamphlet is to
be published as a special publication by the ASA in conjunction with the
ACG. It should hopefully be available by the end of the year, following
their present work on the revision of "God Did it, But How?" I have seen
books by evangelical Christians on the age of the earth issue, but not
anything specifically dedicated to describing radiometric dating in an
evangelical-friendly context. The pamphlet stops short of trying to tell
the reader how to reconcile an old earth with the Genesis account, but
instead gives a reference list for further reading.

My general goal is to make information available to those who are genuinely
interested. I am hopeful that this pamphlet will even be used in Christian
high schools.

So far I have mailed out several dozen copies of the manuscript version, but
because it should be published sometime in the next few months, I would
prefer to hold off on mailing anyone else a manuscript copy. I would,
however, be happy to make available, e.g., the reference list. Perhaps
others could help me make the references more complete.

--Roger C. Wiens

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