live and let live?

Paul Arveson (
Tue, 6 Aug 96 12:47:27 EDT

Quoting "xxx":

>I belong to a church (xxx) that
>invites gays and Lesbians to join our fellowship with full rights to any of
>our church offices, including pastorates. We are also actively pressuring
>our denomination to to the same, to no avail, so far. None of our
>gay/Lesbian members, however, are married to each other.
>When one becomes personally acquainted with a gay or Lesbian person, the
>arguments of Schmidt and others seem abstract and harsh. I am coming to the
>point where I say, Let's live and let live.


That's what I would like to say, too, but reality is otherwise.
Gays are not living; they are dying in large numbers. The AIDS virus has
recently mutated and now exists in at least 5 variants. This is a pandemic
that is now decimating gays and straights alike all over the world.
The average AIDS patient suffers 17 different severe infections, then dies.
Such diseases wouldn't exist without rampant promiscuity. The only
cure is that offered by Jesus: repent of adultery and sin no more.
Of course this is harsh. But AIDS is harsher.

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