Joseph Carson (
05 Aug 96 23:35:36 EDT

I'm involved with Promise Keepers. The mission statement of Promise Keepers
is "Promise Keepers is a Christ-Centered Ministry dedicated to uniting men
through vital relationships to become Godly influences in their world."

I suggest that ASA needs a one sentence mission statement to replace the one
(Don Munro said it was written over 10 years ago) in the current (1993-1994)
ASA Directory (page 3). Let me take a stab at it:

"ASA is a Christ-Centered Affiliation of scientists dedicated to 1)
being and becoming Godly influences in their scientific vocations and
2) to the
integration of scientific practices and knowledge with the universal
Christian Church."

I would rework the current "ASA Statement of Mission" into a second tier
"Vision" and "Core Values" statements.

I think if one agrees with the thrust of my proposed ASA mission statement,
then ASA SIGs in Engineering Technical Societies (and elsewhere)
are a natural deduction. I think the current ASA "Statement of Mission"
doesn't contain the first part of my proposed "Mission Statement"
It does contain the second part of it and I agree that ASA
SIGs are not a natural deduction of only the second part.

Please send your comments to this ASA mailing list instead of (or in addition
to) sending them to me.



Thank you for all the effort you're putting into this Don.

Your coworker in the Great Commission,


P.S. I can forward copies of the email related to this idea from the ASA
mailing list if you'd like (probably about 20 messages) from July 7 onward.

I'll copy Paul, Terry, and Don with these past few messages. I'm also going
to post a message about revising the ASA mission statement on the mailing