Families in the dictionary

Wed, 31 Jul 1996 17:23:29 EST

Continuing the interesting thread started by Mike Jaqua with his basic diction-
ary definitions, it is fascinating to me that the word chosen to describe
the viable sperm and egg of human beings is "gamete." These germ cells of
the male and female are what create a healthy new individual and the word
has its source in the Greek root that means "to marry." From it of course we
get poly"gamy", miso"gamy" and so forth. Getting back to our early considera-
tion of gay and lesbian "marriage," this definition also speaks in opposition
to the idea. As sperm and egg are the gametes for human life, so husband and
wife are the "gametes" of society -- the only true fundamental marriage. To
call homosexual companions "marriage" partners is to send another good word
into oblivion. Before long it will be totally impossible to communicate since
words are be redefined by politicians and special interest groups for merely
self-serving purposes ["being" redefined]. Welcome to the brave new world.

Dean Ohlman
Cornerstone College