Re: Families

Wed, 31 Jul 1996 11:06:01 -0700 (PDT)

Mike Jaqua writes
> Unlike many other words, "family" has retained the same definition
> throughout the ages. That is because the definition of "family" is not set
> by Webster or Collier. It was and is set by God.

In point of fact, the English word "family" has changed substantially
in meaning during its history. It originally referred to the set of
servants or retainers attached to a household; only later did it
develop its meaning (now primary) of a group of people closely related
by blood or marriage.

>We are free to play
> around all we want with electrons or with the meaning of words like
> "gentleman" but when we attempt to alter God-ordained institutions we
> overstep our bounds. In short we sin. [There's another of those bothersome,
> God-defined words.]

I can see a plausible argument (given certain assumptions) from the Bible
that God ordained the institution of marriage. I can't think of any
argument that would show that God has ordained any particular grouping
as the only valid kind of family.

Steve Schaffner