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On July 29th Richard Bowman said.
> On 28 Jul 1996, Joseph Carson wrote:
> > When I get email from the ASA mailing list, I cannot reply directly to the
> > ASA mailing list. Instead, my email software has me replying to the
> > author of the message. I can, after replying to the author, forward a copy
> > of my response to the ASA mailing list.
> What software do you have and what type of computer are you using? Most
> software that I am aware of have an option of replying to all recipients
> or at least a spot to place a carbon copy (cc) address. I usually use the
> reply to all option and then edit the address lines to send my replies to
> those I really want them to go to. If all else fails, save the message.
> Create a new message to the list and read the original message into the
> body of the new message while adding your own comments. (I have had to do
> this on one mailer.)

Richard is right you can cc or forward the message to
(the way I am doing this). But it is not the software that Joe is
using. The listserve software either keeps the from line (which it does -
check header on this message) or
sets a reply to back to the list. Calvin now uses standard listserv
software, I am sure that the reply to can be set to the list. That way
you would have responses going by default to the list. If a number of
you would like this option let the list know and I am sure that Terry G.
(listowner - at Calvin) can get it changed. Replying to the list keeps
the threads going, but it also makes for a noiser list. Still I
slightly prefer the reply to set to the list especially now that the
list is quiter..

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