Re: PointOfNetiquette?

Richard L. Bowman (rbowman@Bridgewater.EDU)
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 07:28:05 -0400 (EDT)

On 28 Jul 1996, Joseph Carson wrote:

> When I get email from the ASA mailing list, I cannot reply directly to the
> ASA mailing list. Instead, my email software has me replying to the
> author of the message. I can, after replying to the author, forward a copy
> of my response to the ASA mailing list.

What software do you have and what type of computer are you using? Most
software that I am aware of have an option of replying to all recipients
or at least a spot to place a carbon copy (cc) address. I usually use the
reply to all option and then edit the address lines to send my replies to
those I really want them to go to. If all else fails, save the message.
Create a new message to the list and read the original message into the
body of the new message while adding your own comments. (I have had to do
this on one mailer.)

> I think my situation is not uncommon, as I receive replies to my email
> address directly, instead of via the ASA mailing list, when I've posted
> something.

Many persons will reply to a message personally because they are too shy
to send it to the total list or because they do not think the whole list
would be interested. (My feeling is that the whole list would probably be
interested in most discussions unless the messages were too long.)

> I've been reposting the messages I receive to the mailing list (unless the
> the writer indicates that he/she doesn't want that to happen. I've learned
> that my practice is questionable "netiquette," but I've not seen this point
> addressed explicitly here.

I subscribe to more than a half dozen discussion groups, and in all of
them the implicit understanding is that any re-posting of private
communication must be cleared first with the original sender.

Depending upon the turn-around speed of the list, some times respondents
will send messages to the list and to the original sender at the same time
(such as I have done here).

Well, these are just my observations. Let's just keep the communication

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