Joseph Carson (73530.2350@compuserve.com)
28 Jul 96 23:21:27 EDT

When I get email from the ASA mailing list, I cannot reply directly to the
ASA mailing list. Instead, my email software has me replying to the
author of the message. I can, after replying to the author, forward a copy
of my response to the ASA mailing list.

I think my situation is not uncommon, as I receive replies to my email
address directly, instead of via the ASA mailing list, when I've posted

I've been reposting the messages I receive to the mailing list (unless the
the writer indicates that he/she doesn't want that to happen. I've learned
that my practice is questionable "netiquette," but I've not seen this point
addressed explicitly here.

So my question is:

Should responses to a message placed on the ASA mailing list be reposted on
the ASA mailing list, if the author of the response sent it privately
instead of posting the response on the ASA mailing list?

It seems to me that responses to the mailing list should be generally posted
there, instead of privately to the author and if they are posted privately
to the author, the responder should indicate why he/she choose to respond

But having agreement on this point would probably prevent misunderstandings.