Re: Families
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 15:19:38 -0400

Burgy writes:

>The discussion here is not "what is," but "what ought to be." Since we
>have to use words to communicate, the definition of the set-of-letters
>"family" is as good as anything else.
>Any scientist relying on the definition of "electron" as published
>in a 1930 dictionary is liable to have thinking problems elsewhere!

Unlike many other words, "family" has retained the same definition
throughout the ages. That is because the definition of "family" is not set
by Webster or Collier. It was and is set by God. We are free to play
around all we want with electrons or with the meaning of words like
"gentleman" but when we attempt to alter God-ordained institutions we
overstep our bounds. In short we sin. [There's another of those bothersome,
God-defined words.]

As an aside: Some have thought that the thread on family and
marriage might not fit the ASA list format. So far as I can see we've got
the sciences of sociology, history and etymology involved.

A thought on Rep. John Lewis: What a valuable public servant he
is! Why without leaders like him bigotry and demagoguery might cease to be

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