Re: Family (a definition) - again
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 15:29:25 -0400

Burgy wrote:

>If I understand you, then, my daughter & son-in-law, married, no children,
>are not a family? This seems peculiar. They might be inclined to argue
>My wife & I, having raised eight children, are now a couple again. Too bad
>we ceased being a "family" when youngest daughter left home to seek her
>career! OTOH, I guess we ceased being a family years earlier, when the
>last of our "natural born" left home (our last three were adopted Korean
>orphans.) OTOH, maybe we ceased being a family back when we adopted them!

I think the dictionary clears up these little definition problems.
See my recent post.

>Rules can be so strict, you know.

And so necessary.

>Homosexuality, of course, is an inclination in some Homo Sapiens; not
>mentioned in Scripture (not even "invented" as a word until the 19th
>century), it is hardly a sin.

Since the word "homosexuality" is a modern English word it couldn't
have existed much before the 19th century, but to deny that the word,
and/or the concept, existed earlier is to ignore history and the Bible.
There are recorded histories from ancient Greece, Rome, China and other
societies that tell of homosexual practices. Within the pages of Scripture
there are several passages that make clear reference to homosexuality.
Here are a few: Genesis 19:4,5 ; Leviticus 20:13 ; Judges 19:22 ; Romans
1:26,27. If you want to get into the original languages there are some
other scriptures that also refer to homosexuality. Most, I dare say all,
of the scriptural references to homosexuality make it quite that it is
indeed a sin.
Burgy's statement could only be made out of ignorance of the
Scriptures or a blatant disregard for the facts.

The part about homosexuality being an inclination opens up a
possibility for us to discuss the scientific search for a genetic or other
biological basis for behavior. Any takers?

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