Re: Feedback
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 14:11:59 -0400

Dennis Sweitzer asked:

>What need can we meet that would propel us to a 50,000 membership?
>Can we formulate it as a simple and comprehensible question? (i.e., what
>does it mean to be a Christian xyz abc uvw?).
>Well, I'm stumped. I can't get it shorter than a paragraph, or do it
>without relying on arcane lingo.

How is this for a start?
"How do we relate the timeless knowledge of Christ to a world where
knowledge of many sorts is increasing at an incredible rate?"

>Whose needs can we meet that would propel us to 50k membership?

The needs of both scientists and non-scientists trying to relate
their faith to friends and colleagues in an intelligent and timely fashion.

>It is my experience that ordinary Christians welcome well thought out
>scientifically sound Biblical perspectives. It's easy to focus on the third
>of churchanity that are willing to embrace bad answers to hard questions,
>but it seems to me that there is a healthy skepticism among most.
>For instance, I suspect that most Christians do not deeply hold to the idea
>that "The Bible teaches a 6,000 yr old earth and secular scientists are
>self-deluded". They may subscribe to it because it's the only paper in
>town, but they have their doubts. If exposed to a sound alternative (i.e.,
>Biblical and scientific), they'd switch.

There is good evidence for what you say here. When Dobson had Hugh
Ross on the air the first time Focus on the Family got a record number of
calls from people who said, "Finally a Christian with a sensible,
understandable view of science. Where can I get his books?" FOTF got only a
handful (numbered in the dozens) of calls from people who said, "How dare you
put on a heretic who says the universe is billions of years old!"

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