Re: Family (a definition)

John W. Burgeson (
25 Jul 96 12:22:27 EDT

Juli writes, in part: "And what cost to our society when "families" so loosely
defined evolve
periodically into new liaisons when partners are exchanged for new partners?"

No disagreement, Juli. One of the reasons the State licenses marriage is our
common interest (expressed through government actions) in stable
relationships. (The other reason is that governments just love to meddle
in people's lives, but that's another topic).

Long-term committed relationships are to be found within the gay population of
our country. One argument for "gay marriages" is to encourage long term
relationships, thereby discouraging promiscuity & the resultant instability it

The issues here are not at all easy to unravel. There are questions of civil
property rights, hospital visitation policies, inheritance, and much much more.

Appreciate your comments.