RE: basis for morality

Bill Dozier (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 13:00:41 -0400

I wrote:
> I would tell you the
> Norman Geisler anecdote about students and relative morality, but I'm sure
> you've all heard it.

To which Dennis challenged:
> You shouldn't be so certain about things. There is indeed an error in your
> statement.
> I, for one, have not heard the Norman Geisler anecdote.

OK, here's my best recollection of it. Geisler received a paper by a
student that had argued, either in class or in the paper itself (I don't
remember this part) very forcefully against moral absolutes and for
relativism. The paper was very good, deserved an "A" and was neatly
enclosed in a blue folder. To make a point, Geisler gave him an "F,"
telling the stunned student, "I don't like blue folders."

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