Joseph Carson (
23 Jul 96 20:11:16 EDT

"Controversial" is probably key here--our pastor, for instance, could
probably give very good sermons relating the issues you mention to
our role as salt, but he's not likely to; the congregation contains a
few with _very_ strong opinions and the resulting divisiveness would
accomplish little. That sort of stuff can and should be debated
thoroughly in home Bible studies and Sunday School calsses--but we
have found attendance drops dramatically at such things when the
topics leave "the study of Galatians" and move to "real-life
application issues"!

But the pastor could advocate the "meta"-issue of Christians being involved
with their vocations and integrating the Christian metaphysic into them,
both in their workplace and in their larger professions without much
contentious. The place of professional societies in doing that is a topic
that I have yet to see mentioned in Christian press, pulpit, Sunday School
class, etc - why I hardly ever see it here in ASA! (that's another joke,

from Ruth:
"Never heard of it" is common. Ok, so I provide flyers, sample
journals, gift subscriptions, to erase that excuse, and the next one
I get is "I can't afford it". Seriously! IEEE membership--basic,
runs about $120/yr. We "poor" academic EE's are paid 50K+, live in
$100K houses in a town with an average home price around $80K, and
cant' afford $45/yr? I think it's really, "I don't see the value in
this." And since I _do_ see value in the journal, and the
fellowship, I'm at a loss to know what to do to convince others.


Touche (or OUCH! again). I think if you were to ask if they were satisfied
in the way their Christian faith is integrated into their individual
workplace or their larger profession and that ASA has people (smart people!)
who ask themselves those questions and try to live out answers, there would
be more thoughtful answers (at least your question would linger longer, I

Oh, yes, endorsement could help--but from whom? Chuck Colson got
dragged thru the mud, Templeton is considered too liberal by many,
Bill Bright is too conservative for _me_, Mark Noll is an
unknown--who can you name that is not too conservative and is
well-known enough?


What happened to Colson? My thought is to approach everyone who spoke at a
1996 PK event and ask for an endorsement of ASA as being an organization
that encourages its members to be "salt and light" by integrating the
Christian faith into their vocations - both in their individual workplaces
and in their larger professions - who could say "no" to that?

But it ain't gonna be easy! :-)

I think we're all closer than we think - you gotta believe!