RE: basis for morality

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Tue, 23 Jul 96 14:27:00 EST

I (Dennis Sweitzer) summarized the "selfish gene" theory:
> The socio-biology view seems to imply that the resulting moral law has no
authority over every individual. ....

Someone wrote ( and I'm too lazy to look up who in the old messages...)>>>
>All of which disqualifies it as a basis for morality. It is more of a basis
for amorality. ... I can assure you that none of the people that I knew that
rationalized their immoral behavior with its arguments even attempted to use
it as a worldview. That would be patently impossible. I would tell you the
Norman Geisler anecdote about students and relative morality, but I'm sure
you've all heard it.

You shouldn't be so certain about things. There is indeed an error in your

I, for one, have not heard the Norman Geisler anecdote. (well, maybe I did,
but my neural net hasn't found it). Please share it.

Dennis Sweitzer