Morality and marriage (gay and otherwise)
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 21:06:25 EST

For a beautiful essay on the implications of the traditional (Christian) view
of marriage and family, I recommend reading the essay "Sex, Economy, Freedom
and Community by Wendell Berry in a book with that same title. It is a Pantheonbook from Random House, 1994. In it he explains the intricate relationships
among those that make up a community -- including the elements of the natural
world. He shows masterfully how true community requires self-limited freedom,
a stronly localized economy, and responsible sexual behavior between men and
women in a family which results in procreation and the perpetuation of a respon-sible society.

I guess I am too conservative and too tied to biblical ethics to think that any-
one on a forum like this could even hold that there is such a things as a

"marriage" between homosexuals and that "the family" is anything other than a
mother, a father, and at least one child. While we may call other aggregations
of individuals "families," the procreational grouping of husband, wife and
their natural offspring must always remain the basal definition. (Of course, I
am not denying here the idea of "extended family" or families that have lost
children or gained them through adoption, etc.)

The idea of a "gay marriage" is a political game being played by the the gay andlesbian lobby seeking to add legitimacy to their anti-procreative behavior and
to legitimatize it is folly -- as was pointed out in an editorial in today's
local paper. (Talking about the can of worms that would be created by Hawaii'
legalizing such an arrangment)

I have a number of essays and editorials on this subject and if anyone is
interested, I would be glad to e-mail them to you.

Dean Ohlman
Cornerstone College