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Keith thought of something last night--do you know there is a
Christian Engineers' Association (CEA) in Britain? It is under the
British InterVarsity (UCCF) umbrella like Christians in Science but
thinking of "going it alone" at this pt. It has small meetings about
annually and puts out a little newsletter/booklet thing with brief
articles on how my faith affects my work and vv. from various
members--usually pretty thought-provoking. This sounds like the sort
of thing you're thinking of, and I don't think a link with any other
prof society is necessary; again it only gets confusing when you
start thinking how many different engineering prof. societies there

Someone else mentioned InterVarsity as possibly being interested and I
support an InterVarsity rep at my alma mater (Uni. of Rochester) and will
contact him about it.

Some numbers to mull. The Oak Ridge chapter of ASME has 200 members,
although only 30 do more than pay dues and read the Journal. The other
large engineering societies have similar numbers for Oak Ridge. How many
potential ASA'ers are there in these societies?.
Hundreds I reckon, as I know or know of dozens of Christian engineers (my
church has over 3000 members, DOE is the major employer in the area, and due
to my whistleblowing escapades, I feel like a character in the TV show
"Cheers" - Everyone knows my name and at 6'6", I make a big target.)

How many ASA'ers in Knoxville/Oak Ridge are there? Answer: About a half-dozen a
most, mostly academics is natural sciences at UT. ASA doesn't sell to
engineers, in part because industry is a separate, and I would argue, a
lower caste in ASA. If you disagree, please find other ASA'ers in industry
to make your case, and please explain why I have such a hard time solicting
interest in ASA (other than no one's ever heard of it!) to engineers.