Joseph Carson (
17 Jul 96 23:25:32 EDT

> Yo' Ruth! When you leave Kansas do you set your clock ahead ten years?! (I
> lived in Ottawa Kansas for a year, it was different to be in a small town in
> Kansas!)
Manhattan is a bit broader than Ottawa--I think it might be only 5
years behind the rest of the country. University influence, you know?

> I see most of the contact taking place via email and internet and within
> local chapters of the Societies (but not as part of the official chapter
> meetings, I mean people would get to know each other and meet separately.)
> This is sexist, but accurate in that most engineers (and 85% of engineering
> students today, are male.) PromiseKeepers provides one model for
> accountability groups, which might be one way used to develop relationships.
So we provide some sort of mailing list and leave it up to members in
areas to get together? That ought to be of some help, but I find
myself thinking groups would be in firms or universities rather than
scattered--perhaps here the model is local sections of ASA, which are
very variable in activities and numbers of members.

> Ruth, I have never been, nor do I ever plan to (at this point) attend a
> state or national meeting of an Engineering Society - Why? There's no money
> in it for me - how can I justify the time and expense? My idea is very
> modest, but it's an attempt to provide some systematic answer to my query
> "how can I find out if there are other ASA'ers in NSPE and ASME?"
Hmm. I pay dues to get publications--ASA's Journal has been until
recently quite interesting for me. I go to meetings to meet others
doing the same thing and to present papers--now we're up against the
academic/industrial split in engineering. _But_ ASA meetings are
another animal all together--that's as much a sort of mass
counselling session as anything b/c we have so little interaction
with others of the same mind. _THat's_ what you want, isn't it?
Does it need to be formally connected to any professional society to
accomplish that?

Keith thought of something last night--do you know there is a
Christian Engineers' Association (CEA) in Britain? It is under the
British InterVarsity (UCCF) umbrella like Christians in Science but
thinking of "going it alone" at this pt. It has small meetings about
annually and puts out a little newsletter/booklet thing with brief
articles on how my faith affects my work and vv. from various
members--usually pretty thought-provoking. This sounds like the sort
of thing you're thinking of, and I don't think a link with any other
prof society is necessary; again it only gets confusing when you
start thinking how many different engineering prof. societies there

Do lets keep chewing on this--it will definitely "go somewhere" if
many of us feel we need the contact with like-minded siblings in our


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