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Yo' Ruth! When you leave Kansas do you set your clock ahead ten years?! (I
lived in Ottawa Kansas for a year, it was different to be in a small town in

I see most of the contact taking place via email and internet and within
local chapters of the Societies (but not as part of the official chapter
meetings, I mean people would get to know each other and meet separately.)
This is sexist, but accurate in that most engineers (and 85% of engineering
students today, are male.) PromiseKeepers provides one model for
accountability groups, which might be one way used to develop relationships.

Ruth, I have never been, nor do I ever plan to (at this point) attend a
state or national meeting of an Engineering Society - Why? There's no money
in it for me - how can I justify the time and expense? My idea is very
modest, but it's an attempt to provide some systematic answer to my query
"how can I find out if there are other ASA'ers in NSPE and ASME?"

I, honestly, have a hard time justifying the dues I pay to these Societies.
The statistics indicate most engineers feel likewise as only about 25% of
eligible members bother to join, many of those are sponsored by their
employers, and from some of the feedback, you've been reading about former
members - well if the Society was so important to their lives and careers,
do you think they'd be former? I have a hard time empirically
justifying the dues I pay
to ASA - what does it do for me that I can point to another engineer and
make a powerful case for joining ASA? The demographics of ASA indicate
that much as I'd like to be wrong, I'm afraid I'm not. (In my case, I'm
thankful there is an ASA and while I detest Christian jargon talk like
"feel a burden..." etc, I have become committed to seeing this organization
grow to its rightful size and influence.

If there was a connection between ASA and my professional Engineering
Societies, no matter how tenuous, it would add synergy to both for me. If
it does it for me, it will do it for others too. "No's" to both Engineering
Societies and ASA will become "yeses." We'll start a "virtuous circle" and
a number of mainstream, established Christian voices will applaud and
commend our efforts. One thing I'm not is a "leader," as I've never been
elected to anything - but when this parade starts rolling, there will be
many Christian "leaders" wishing us well and trying to get out in front of

Email and the internet make it possible, just as it makes this conversation

Thank you for replying, I hope my answer clarifies things (at least a bit!)