Joseph Carson (
16 Jul 96 23:11:19 EDT

Hey, Joe!
I suppose this should be posted to the listserv: feel free to do that
if you like. Keith bounced all the "feedback" comments to me and I
thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

The ASA geology "SIG", for example, has an evening meeting, with a
speaker and some small agenda, at the national Geol. Soc of Am annual
meeting. That is _all_ that the group does with the existing
professional society, and I think that sort of thing would be great
at engineering society meetings. Problem is, there is no "Soc of Am"
equivalent at least in EE--IEEE has 30-odd sub societies that all
have their own annual or semi-annual meetings, with I'm sure an
extremely variable number of Christians in each. If we were to
form a formal "Xian Soc of Engineers", using ASA as backbone like the
biology and geology groups have (ASA membership is not required, but
ASA provides the tax exemption, accounting and central post office),
where would we hold meetings--at all engineering societies we have
members at? And how many might be at a meeting--5? or 30? I'm
certainly game to make some sort of effort along this line, but I
see no reason for formal connextions with any existing engrg society
except to ask for the room and announcement on the conference agenda
for whichever conference(s) we're meeting at. I guess I don't see
why we need to have a formal tie to any existing engrg society, and
certainly no idea how we'd go about choosing the society to link to!
I think I'm in some agreement with John O. here.


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