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It has been many years since I did all my studies on cults and
other religions. I cannot recall many titles but here is what little I do
Ed Decker is a former high official in the Mormon church. He has
several books and tracts out. I believe "The Mormon Illusion" is his book.
"How to Answer a Mormon" documents several false prophecies of
various Mormon officials (e.g. - Brigham Young, Joseph Smith).
Josh McDowell has a couple of books out on cults and other
religions. As always Josh includes a good bibliography.
There are also some books about the Book of Mormon's total failure
in archeology. I can't remember any titles but if you go to a good library
and do a subject search you should be able to find something. Since your
town is small you might try an interlibrary loan to obtain some books.

Some important notes:
I have dealt with Mormons many times and found them, like all cult
members, mostly impervious to logic. Using scientific demonstrations of
the inadequacy of their religion may introduce some doubt but they are
likely to just resort to their "testimony" ("I had the burning in the
bosom..."). It's a sort of brainwashing.
If you are to have any success you must present them with the real
gospel and show them why their "gospel" is different and thus inadequate.
As a starting point use Galatians 1:8,9. They will naturally insist that
their gospel is not different. You must be prepared to show why it is. Of
course it is helpful to be familiar with their scriptures (Book of Mormon,
Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Journal of Discourses) in
order to do a good comparison and contrast but mainly be sure that you are
ready to point to the truth of the Bible on any salvation issue.
The Mormons also tend to use the same terms as Christians but hold
different meanings for them. Be on guard on demand definitions on all
There is much more I could say but I have to get back to my
samples. If I remember more book titles I'll pass them along to you. Let
me know if I can be of any further assistance.

In His Service,
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Subject: Authoritative Analysis of Mormonism
Author: Erik J Anderson <> at INTERNET
Date: 7/16/96 10:46 AM

I am part of the leadership of Intervarsity here at St. FXU in the small
town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We are facing a new challenge--Mormon

I know that they make several "historic" claims. Surely there are
archeological and linguistic critiques of their claims.(?) Does anyone
know of any references to scientific criticism of Mormonism? So many of
the critiques I have come across seem over-filled with emotion.

Erik J Anderson
St. Francis Xavier University
Nova Scotia