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15 Jul 96 19:25:18 EDT

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Sb: Gay Marriage
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I might have known that I'd be "burgy baiting!" (that's supposed to be a
joke, folks)

My reasoning on the point is similar to that of Phil Johnson in his recent
book REASON IN THE BALANCE. Is marriage of man or God? If of man, anything
man agrees to goes. Who's to judge - the Grand Sez Who?
If marriage is of God, as I'm assuming anyone who
joined ASA agrees with (but dissenters, please speak up), shouldn't that be
part of the justification of a conclusion?

The intent of my comment was not to be "gay-bashing" but to be "naked public
square" bashing. Based on some of the feedback, some apparently feel that
an official recognition
that members of professional societies may want to openly (and
appropriately) acknowledge that metaphysical or credal principles inform
their vocations is or could be offensive to others and should not be sought.

Why can't the Christian metaphysic be placed on an equal footing as other
metaphysical systems in the public dialogue?