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1st, I believe someone else suggested a "Christian" Sig (Or
Evangelical or some other "generic" as apposed to Brand name SIG)
rather than an ASA SIG. I concur in that. It would be easier to get
going and perhaps offer a wider appeal.

2nd $180. Gulp!! in a former life, my private sector employer paid
for a number of technical/professional memberships, so price was not
an issue. The presence of a ASA/ Xn SIG would certainly make
membership more attractive, but $180 out of my pocket (now non- tax
deductable) is a pretty big obstacle to overcome.

I wonder if the dues has anything to do with the membership drop, or
if it is the possition of the org. especially via a vis the change in
the market place and/or "culture".

I can still remmember, 15, 20 and 25 years ago some old timers and not
so old timers, memtioning that ASCE (and also some of the other orgs.)
would have to change (in some fundamental ways), if they were to exert
greater influence, and/or continue to draw new meembers. It seems
that their predictions have come to at least partial fruition.

P.S. I no longer maintain my board certifcation from the American
Academy of Environemtnal Engineers, as it served no current purpose,
except put a big hole in my bank account. I did this knowing that it
would be very difficult to get it back in the future, probably many
times as difficult as it was to get certified initially.

Grace and Peace.



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