Gay Marriage

John W. Burgeson (
15 Jul 96 10:44:09 EDT

Joe Carson wrote (and Bill Hamilton, Jr. concurred withe his statement):
"But when I read the paper about debate in Congress about gay-marriages, I
think it's high-time for us to seek constructive ways to share our faith
within our professions."

Apparently, Joe, you felt that all members of this reflector would automatically
have the same (anti) position on this issue as you. I'm not sure that's the

Subject for discussion here? I'm not sure I'm on one side or the other.
There seem to be rather compelling arguments on both sides. Let me
cite just one. Two people have formed a family. They happen to be of the
same sex, but not related. Sexual activity is not the issue here. They have
and share their lives, household, etc. That's it. The question -- should they be
the benefits of a household? For instance -- one is very sick. Can the other
make decisions for him/her, visit the hospital room (which may be restricted to
blood-relatives/marriage partners only), etc.

I think there may be legal answers to many of these kind of questions that
concern such
families; I don't know this for sure though. Just questioning the mindset