Joseph Carson (
13 Jul 96 11:10:46 EDT

Perhaps it's time to form a Fellowship of Christian
Engineers, whose charter would include establishing ties with the
engineering societies and establishing SIGs within them.

I've communicated with Don Munro about this point and ASA's "Industrial
Commission" could take this role.

I agree that having "ASA" in the name is not important relative to having
some kind of a connection between ASA and the group in the Engineering

Regarding the legal issue: I have some qualms about threatening (or using)
legal action to force a private organization to conform to our desires.
IEEE, ASME, NSPE, etc. have probably taken federal grant money at one time
or another, which conceivably might make them vulnerable to some sort of
legal action. But I think (totally uninformed gut feeling -- not legal
opinion) it would be difficult, and it might be achieved at the cost of
making a significant part of the societies involved -- our potential
membership -- mad at us.

At this point, I'm not sure what, if any, legal issues are involved.
Perhaps the Societies are on well-founded legal ground, perhaps their
position is completely untenable under current legal rulings, perhaps it's
real murky - I don't know, but wouldn't we all be better off to know?

Most engineers have "complaint" personalities - we like to follow rules. I
don't know what the "rules" are or their basis at this point, I don't view
myself as very creative, so I assume that someone has asked similar
questions before, and I'd like to find out what the answer was. Then we
could make a better informed decision about possible courses of action, if
any action then appears warranted.

I completely agree that before embarking on a course involving a lawsuit,
there would have to be a lot of discussion, prayer, and evaluation.

But when I read the paper about debate in Congress about gay-marriages, I
think it's high-time for us to seek constructive ways to share our faith
within our professions.