Bill Hamilton (whamilto@mich.com)
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 08:10:53 -0400

I respnded to Joseph Carson's proposal for an ASA SIG suggesting that a
"Christian SIG" might work better, but I don't believe I included my
reasoning. Several issues came to mind, all related to name recognition
and the appropriateness of the name. ASA is a small organization which
does not have very good name recognition. I and other ASA members strive
to rectify this problem, but it's a slow process. For tackling a new
group, such as engineers, it seems to me a name with better recognition
would be worth considering. ASA already has within it organizations with
names like Fellowship of Christian Geologists and Fellowship of Christian
Biologists (I don't guarantee that I have these right, but I believe I'm
reasonably close). Perhaps it's time to form a Fellowship of Christian
Engineers, whose charter would include establishing ties with the
engineering societies and establishing SIGs within them.

Regarding the legal issue: I have some qualms about threatening (or using)
legal action to force a private organization to conform to our desires.
IEEE, ASME, NSPE, etc. have probably taken federal grant money at one time
or another, which conceivably might make them vulnerable to some sort of
legal action. But I think (totally uninformed gut feeling -- not legal
opinion) it would be difficult, and it might be achieved at the cost of
making a significant part of the societies involved -- our potential
membership -- mad at us.

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