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Thanks for replying. Engineer that I be, I don't want to re-invent wheels
and I want to find natural allies when pursuing an objective. ASA is it
now, as best I know, for a professional association for technically trained
Christians. As much as possible, I think it better to build on it in the
engineering profession - I think a formal connection between ASA and an
ASA SIG in an engineering society would add value to the membership
in both, for interested people.
if someone wanted to organize a society within IEEE for Christians. Most
of the societies have a technical focus. Those that don't have a
specifically technical focus concentrate on issues deemed to have a
direct interest for engineers: management, technical writing,
engineering education.

IEEE I believe has a group that discusses "technology and society" (ASME
has similar division.) Perhaps an ASA SIG could be a grouping within such a
division. Engineering like science is based on metaphysical assumptions,
(which generally go unstated) but these metaphysical assumptions have
come under increasing attack (at least in academe).

There is also the basic civil liberty question. Perhaps the majority of
IEEE wouldn't want it - but do they have the legal right to proscribe it?