Re: YourFeedbackIsRequested!

Bill Hamilton (
Fri, 12 Jul 1996 07:13:40 -0400

Joseph Carson wrote:

>Please let me know what you think of my intention to start an ASA SIG in
>ASME and NSPE (unless ASA tells me not to). If you support the idea, please
>send a email to the Rutherford Institute.

Several reactions:

1. I'm not a member of either ASME or NSPE (the fact that Iowa seemed to want
only to certify that I could work as a civil engineer put me, a EE, off
from the idea of licensure as a PE 32 years ago when I graduated from Iowa
State. Maybe I'll pursue it after I retire :-)).
So I'm not in a position to help much with SIG's in those groups.

2. I am a member of IEEE, and I suspect a similar problem would arise in IEEE
if someone wanted to organize a society within IEEE for Christians. Most
of the societies have a technical focus. Those that don't have a
specifically technical focus concentrate on issues deemed to have a
direct interest for engineers: management, technical writing,
engineering education.

3. Rather than an ASA SIG, perhaps a _Christian_ SIG would attract more
interest. Such a group could and should have ties to ASA,
but "Christian" has better name recognition.

4. I think the idea of an SIG for Christians within the existing engineering
professional societies is a good one.

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