Re: Looking for references about Noah's Ark

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 22:36:27 -0500

Doug Keil wrote:

>My wife works for the Chinese Christian Mission in Petaluma, CA.
>She is involved with radio broadcasts to chinese speaking peoples
>in Asia. Presently she is working on a program on Noah's Ark and
>is seeking information about recent claims regarding it's
>existance (in Turkey I believe). The purpose, of course, is to be
>honest about what is known and what is speculation. It seems that
>there has been a lot of stuff published in this area over the past
>15 years, along with a movie (anyone remember the name and how to
>find it?)

I believe you are referring to the Ancient Secrets of the Bible
series that was broadcast on CBS and can be found on tape in
Christian bookstores. I can personally asssure you it was laced
with fraud and deception. The chief researcher, David Balziger,
interviewed me over the phone to see if I would be willing to appear
as one of the "talking heads."

When he called back to set up the taping, he had already scripted
what he wanted me to say! I told him that the script was not my
position. He assured me that it was a position held by many and
it was okay if I stated it on camera. That's where we parted
company. Still, maybe I missed an opportunity ...

Dick Fischer