RE: Doomsday, maybe...

Sweitzer, Dennis (
Wed, 03 Jul 96 15:55:00 EST

A Federal public servant wrote
> Does that $100B, include government "management costs"?

> If so, cheap at twice the price, just spread it over a dozen or more
years, and call the project a jobs program (just keep the lawyers out of it
or it will never end and cost multiples).

Along the same lines, lets put the 100 giga-bucks into perspective:

It's about $1,000 per American household (90 million households)
...about $400 per American man, woman, or child (did I leave anyone
out? :-) )
... about $800 per American taxpayer
... about 2.5% of annual gross domestic product (America's)
... maybe about 1% of the worlds income
... about $20 per Earthling

Spread these over 10 years, and the numbers don't look bad at all.

If my memory serves me right, the estimated cost of a major San Fransisco
earthquake (i.e., the "big one") is in the trillions.