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[15] Patriarch inaugurates third series of environmental seminars
Istanbul, 02/07/1996 (ANA)

The third series of summer seminars on the environment,
organized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the Phanar and the
[...i.e. Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople ...]
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), was inaugurated yesterday with
the symbolic planting of a sapling sent by US President Bill
Clinton in the forecourt of the Halki Theological School by
Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos. The seminars are being
conducted under the co-patronage of Patriarch Vartholomeos and
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who is president of the WWF
Inter national.

Scheduled to run until July 7, the seminars will be attended by
theologians from various religious traditions,
environmentalists, scientists and experts in communications and
the media from western and eastern Europe, the USA, Canada,
Africa and the Middle East. Lectures and workshops will be held
at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Heybeliada, Turkey.

Messages will be read on behalf of Prince Philip, US President
Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II, European Commission President
Jacques Santer, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. George Carey,
TURMEPA President Dr. Rahmi Koc and HELMEPA Director-General
Demetrios Mitsatsos.