Citations please - addition
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 14:08:32 -0400

A few of you responded to my request for references to papers,
books, etc. on the evolution of complex systems. The particular quite I
want to refute is from Mike Behe; "If you look in the professional science
literature about how such [complex] systems arose, it turns out that nobody
has published anything." Below are excerpts from two responses I got.

>I believe that the Citizen article is accurate. I think that the sentence
>you quoted as bothering you the most is accurate in a literal sense, which
>is probably how they intended it. No one KNOWS how any of those complex
>systems originated - that is true. Scientists can speculate and find
>evidence to support a certain idea of how it might have come about by
>natural means, but no one can be certain of how it REALLY DID originate
>because no one was around to observe the actual incident.

>Mike [Behe] doesn't count anything but hard core biochemical analysis; he
>dismisses everything else as speculation.

I guess what I didn't make clear was that I'd be perfectly happy
with speculative articles on how complex systems could have evolved.
Behe's quote said that there is _nothing_ published about how complex
systems arose. Clearly the quote includes speculative papers (if I take
Behe literally). I dug up two citations myself and present them to you
here as examples of the sort of works I'm looking for.

Marchalonis, J.J. 1977. Immunity in Evolution. Harvard Press.
Cambridge, MA.
Marchalonis, J.J. & Schluter, S.F. "Development of an Immune System"
Ann-N-Y-Acad-Sci. 1994 Apr 15; 712: 1-12 (Actually this issue of
Ann-N-Y-Acad-Sci is full of articles on the evolution of the immune system.)

Marchalonis was my graduate advisor so I'm familiar with the
literature on immunity and evolution. I'm hoping some of you out there can
help me with the literature from other areas such as the evolution of
protein transport mechanisms, the organs of sense, and so on.
So if you can find publications, speculative or otherwise, that
discuss how complex systems evolved I'd appreciate it if you would send me
the references.

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