J.Peterson- Genes and enhancement

ena vanzyl (evanzyl@unlinfo.unl.edu)
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 18:59:53 -0500 (CDT)

The largest ethical project as far as financial resources is concerned
is that of the human genome project. Dr James Watson has a special
interest in this project and is of the opinion that people who are
directly affected by a genetical disorder should be involved in the
decision making process. Through this scientists are aware of the
ethical dilemma of genetical engineering. Dr French Anderson , who is
both a Christian and scientist has been involved in human gene therapy
and I am convinced that he is using his research to glorify God.

Humans has been involved in genetical
manipulation for centuries through selection of animals and plants of
agricultural importance. Cell culture hybridization between humans
and mice are often used as a laboratory tool in scientific research.

Genetical engineering and gene therapy in humans can be used to
glorify God in a similar way that it is used in agriculture. As many
other issues in life it is perhaps important to remember that we are utilizing
the knowledge that has been given to us by our Creator and that we
should apply it accordingly.

Ena van Zyl

University of Nebraska - Lincoln