Amicus Curia?

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26 Jun 96 16:39:13 EDT

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Sb: Re: ASA Amicus Curia?
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> P.S. Do you think the ASA directory should list the other (or at least some
> of the other) professional societies ASA'ers belong to? Why or why not?

No. As one that belongs to quite a number of professional societies, they
never list what else you belong to. I fail to see what purpose is
served by tooting your horn. Unless it is intended for the outside
world, iIf it does anything it will widen
the gap between those that teach at smaller colleges and can't do much
research and those who are in the large research institutions.

Joe's reply:

I'm an engineer who belongs to two other large professional societies
(National Society of Professional Engineers, NSPE, 70,000 members;
and American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME, 120,000 members.

How many societies do Academics typically belong to and what's the average
size? Engineers also have honorary societies, which I did not have in mind
- is that what you were referring to?

Another existing gap in ASA is the one between academics and others. To the
extent I don't understand the realities of careers in academia (I've read
some of the spate of books that have come out in past several years, which
didn't paint a very uplifting picture), what can ASA'ers do about it?