ASA Amicus Curia?

Joseph Carson (
26 Jun 96 07:41:13 EDT

Dear ASA'ers,

Do you have information about the Rutherford Institute or other Christian
"Civil Liberties" organizations that might have an interest in supporting
ASA'ers being able to associate, with some kind of official standing, within
their respective professional societies?


P.S. Do you think the ASA directory should list the other (or at least some
of the other) professional societies ASA'ers belong to? Why or why not?

June 25, 1996

Mr. Jeffrey Peyton
Assistant Editor
Christian American

Dear Mr. Peyton,

I'm a subscriber to Christian American and an adherent to the
Christian metaphysic. I'm also a licensed professional engineer
(P.E.) and a federal employee (a nuclear safety assessor for the
Department of Energy (DOE), which is self-regulating in nuclear

Christians, to be "salt and leaven," should integrate their faith
in their places of employment and their professions. In my case,
that meant that I complied with the Code of Ethics of Engineers
and the Code of Ethics for Federal Employees in situations where
many of my colleagues did not. As a result I became a
"whistleblower" and have experienced concerted reprisal in DOE
for over 4 years. I have "prevailed" twice, but I have powerful
adversaries in DOE who continue to try to "grind me down."

The plight of ethical employees (both private and public sector)
who place their duty above self-interest in America is shameful.
The societal costs of the resulting cynicism, both financial and
to the social fabric, are significant.

Christian Coalition has as one of its tenets, honest and
efficient government. I think Christian American should "blow
the whistle" on the fear many government employees (including
Christians) rightly have in voicing concerns, even if in the
precise way in which they have been instructed, about law-
breaking in their Agencies.

What gain is it to America if politicians who agree with
Christian Coalitions position win, only to see a corrupt
bureaucracy continue to serve the interests of its senior

I've attached some recent articles related to my situation in
DOE. There's a fair amount more to it.

I think there's a story for Christian American in this matter
about an issue that is bipartisan and in which Christians should
be on the "high ground."


Joseph Carson
10953 Twin Harbour Drive
Knoxville, TN. 37922
423/966-1675 fax


Recent story in the newsletter of the American Scientific
Affiliation (ASA)

Recent story in the monthly publication of the National Society
of Professional Engineers (NSPE), a voluntary 70,000 member
professional society.


Mr. Jay Sekulow, American Center of Law and Justice
June 25, 1996

Mr. Jay Sekulow
American Center of Law and Justice

Dear Mr. Sekulow,

I received your name for Christian Coalition today. The attached
letter to Mr. Peyton with its attachments describes my situation.

A potential legal issue has arisen during this involving my
professional societies, the 120,000 member American Society of
Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the 70,000 member National
Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). I inquired if
Christians can, within these Societies, form "special interest
groups" (for lack of a better term) with some type of official
standing, similar to what blacks, women, and other minorities can
do. I was told "no."

These societies are voluntary and independent of the government,
so I'm not sure what basis they have for this exclusion. It's
clear to me that Christians should actively integrate their faith
in their vocations - both in their individual workplaces and in
their professions - it's part of being "salt and leaven."

I think a similar exclusion is present in many other professional
societies. I recognize these professional societies are secular
in nature, but to repeat the cliche "freedom of religion doesn't
mean freedom from religion."

I try to step around the issue by referring to "my belief in the
Christian metaphysic." Everyone has a metaphysic and a right to
appropriately express it - both theists and naturalists. Why
should naturalists be able to define their metaphysic as "public
science" while dismissing the Christian metaphysic as "private

If your organization doesn't want to get involved in this issue,
could you refer me to other Christian legal organizations that


Joseph Carson
10953 Twin Harbour Drive
Knoxville, TN. 37922
423/966-1675 fax