God's Will/Soverignty

Douglas Hammerstrom (DougHammerstrom.WallowaCounty@worldnet.att.net)
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 06:29:17 GMT

Dick Fisher wrote:
>We do things outside the will of God all the time. Satan operates outside
>of God's will. It may all work for good in the end, but that speaks to
>God's all-knowing, not that He is happy with everything that is going on.
If anything can function outside of God's will or soverignty, than
something is more powerful, more effective, than God. RC Sproul (a good
current source) on this issue says something to the effect that, "If there
is one stray electron in the universe, than God cannot be God.".
This is straying off the current topic, out of science and into
theology, but a critical point of Christian (at least Reformed) doctrine.
This simple statement of course does not prove the point, but you should be
real worried about a god that can have Satan work outside his will. Look in
to it.

Finding peace in God's soverign will,

Douglas Hammerstrom, MD